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Self-Care Tips

Stuck in traffic, working late, kids misbehaving, not enough hours in the day to get things done . . . these daily stresses tend to deplete our energy and sour our mood. Now add the situation of Covid-19 and our stress can increase exponentially. Before we know it, we find ourselves anxious, sleep deprived, arguing with our spouse and kids, and fighting off sickness as our immune systems become depleted. Thankfully, there are a few actions we can take to counter this detrimental state. One of which, is self-care.

When we think of self-care, often what comes to mind is getting a relaxing massage, or our hair done, or relaxing under a palm tree by the ocean. Self-care does include these activities but you may be surprised that it can also encompass more everyday actions as well. Self-care is any activity we do deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. We can find self-care in many common activities as well.

1. Do something you enjoy. This can take many different forms but might include playing cards or a board game, baking, talking with friends, taking a nap, riding your bike, engaging in a hobby such as photography or scrap booking. For some people, self-care may include such things as cleaning, working in the garden, or building a deck.

2. Exercise. This doesn’t have to be formal exercise such as running or working out with weights. It can be walking your dog or pet lizard. Some kind of movement is better than none.

3. Healthy eating. Nourishing our bodies with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other healthy food can improve our health and even elevate our mood.

4. Get plenty of sleep. It’s vital that we get enough sleep but everyone’s sleep requirements are different. Know what your optimum sleep amount is and strive for that. Too little or too much can negatively affect all other areas of your life.

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